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The Program in Mathematical Behavioral Science offers a PhD in Social Sciences with an emphasis in Social Network Analysis. The focus of study is on the patterns or forms of relations that link persons or other social actors together into coherent wholes. Thus, Social Networks stresses the structural interests of several disciplines including sociology, anthropology and cognitive science. It is concerned with problems of representing such structures, both statically and dynamically, and with exploring the implications of structural form for individual and collective behavior. In addition, the networks perspective has important applications in the study of international relations, institutional change, organizational behavior, cooperation and conflict, health and mental health, and human communications research. Social Networks ... and Dynamics (a possible change of title) reflects an intensified interest of a number of the networks faculty and graduate students, especially within the broader faculty of the MBS program, in the dynamic aspects of human interactions, groups and social systems, including network aspects of complexity theory.

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Other ways to pursue advanced training in Social Networks are by application to the Master's Program, or to take network emphasis electives within the Anthropology or Sociology Ph.D. programs.

Mathematical Behavioral Sciences - Masters Degree

The M.A degree is awarded to UCI Ph.D. students who complete necessary requirements or to students currently enrolled in a Ph.D. (or equivalent) program at another institution who are directly admitted for graduate study leading only to the Master's Degree at UCI. Such applicants must provide evidence that their Ph.D. program agrees to this one year arrangement. Requirements include the submission of a petition to the Graduate Committee along with a proposed plan of study consisting of 36 units off relevant Mathematical Behavioral Science courses, normally including the core requirement in mathematical statistics.

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Applications are also available from the Office of Research and Graduate Studies, University of California, Irvine, CA 92717.

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